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I have been a California resident since 1955, am a product of the California public school system and was stationed here during my stint in the military in the 70s.  I have owned a small business here since 1998… a business that is currently struggling for its very survival.  I am on the Board of Directors of a fledgling alternative energy company, currently headquartered in New Mexico, that is considering relocating to California.  I am also in the process of starting a new business… a business that doesn’t have to be located in California, but can be.

My questions to the 3 of you are:

  • Why should I keep my current business in California?
  • Why should the alternative energy company move to California?
  • Why should I start the new business in California?
  • Why on earth should I even stay in California, when so many other states are more friendly toward small business?

I have watched our public school system fall from tops in the nation to one of the worst. My children were “educated” in it, and they didn’t receive near the education I received when I was a student here.  My wife and I taught them more than the schools did.  All the school systems in this state care about now is attendance, because attendance means money.

Our state budgetary situation is as bad (or worse) than the Federal Government’s.  Our state taxes (i.e., income, real property, personal property, sales, etc.) are among the highest in the nation.  We have a state legislature that doesn’t seem to give a damn about fiscal responsibility, and it gets worse every day.  The Labor Unions currently run this State, not the People or Government.  We were hoping Governor Schwarzenegger could turn things around, but he wasn’t able to get anything past the Legislature.  Why will you be any different?

Please answer my questions, and tell me how you, as Governor, can fix the problems we face as Californians.  Don’t ask me to go to your web site and read whatever documents you have prepared.  I have already done that.  What I am looking for is a direct, public response to my questions.  A response you have carefully thought out and prepared.  I don’t want a response from a staffer.  The staffer won’t reside in the Governor’s mansion.  I am curious so see if you will take the time to read this and personally respond.

You may be thinking that I am some right-wing nut.  I assure you, I am not.  I am John Q. Public.  I am the entrepeneur that keeps this country (and this state) going, and I would like to know if it’s worth it to stay here.

To my readers (and there are more than those you see posting here):  I have emailed a duplicate of this post to the campaigns of these 3 candidates.  I don’t hold much hope of a response… but stranger things have happened.


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