The Entrepreneur – The New White Knight

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A friend sent this to me, and asked me to post it while he’s down in Florida.  Byron, nicely said.

During the Watergate hearings John Dean remarked, “There is a cancer upon the Presidency”.  Today, the current cancer is the President, his hand picked advisers, and a vast majority of the House and Senate.  Selected heads of various Governmental agencies, thousands of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who earn more than two times the average American citizen’s annual salary, their handmaidens in private sector business and financiers who have been looking out for number one, have consciously omitted the American public.

For more than three decades the economy and basis of our Republic has been carefully and methodically disassembled, brick and mortar business and  a single job at a time.  Cronyism, corruption, malfeasance and ineptitude are the root cause of why we find ourselves where  we are today.   Also bordering on criminal is how we find public education and  its progressive “dumbing down” of the last few generations.

A  large sector of our population  was told they deserved to own their own houses, even if they had no financial basis for ownership.  Pandering for votes, Politicians forced financial institutions to jam sub-prime rate loans down the throats of an uneducated public.  Unfortunately, as in all fairy tales, the Piper wants to be paid.  The housing debacle forced upon our economy will take years to rectify itself.  Thank you, House Financial Services Committee.

The economy can not be totally rebuilt by creating non-production or non-manufacturing based jobs. Expanding the government labor force is the worst way to ‘help’ the unemployment situation.  There is however, a white knight to the rescue who will take the risk to rebuild the economy!

Will we ever again be at the production levels of thirty or forty years ago?  No, we will not – that ship sailed eastward long ago while their ships sail westward with goods we should be producing here in the United States.

The people who have the fortitude to press on, even under the threat of additional governmental intervention, regulation and taxes, will be the small business entrepreneur… who sees an opportunity and a market to be addressed.   American’s are a tough breed, we don’t give up easily in spite of the political atmosphere from DC and most state capitals.  As Dr. King said many times, “We shall overcome”.

The entrepreneur will see methods and ways to work within or around the ‘system’ to generate personal wealth and security (unfortunately a foreign concept to the President and his advisers), and create additional jobs for those willing to work.   They will exploit new ways of selling, develop new skills capitalizing on the Internet and create direct or multilevel marketing business models for success in this the new world order.

The next time you see an individual at the city /county clerks office filing for a business license, honor this person… this is the new American White Knight.   The real hero is the family next door who are willing to step out and take a chance on the American dream so many in high places are destroying.

Last but certainly not least please honor those who serve in the military.    Without their dedication, service and sacrifice we would not have the opportunities afforded us as free men and women.

Signed, A Vietnam era Veteran 1961-1965

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