The State of Our Government – Part 1

by Blogger on March 15, 2010 · 1 comment

So, how do you think the Government is doing these days? Are you happy? Miserable?  Are you better off than you were 2, 4 or even 10 years ago?  I think we’ve lost our way… and here’s why:

I believe the Government needs to be run like a non-profit corporation in terms of focus on its Balance Sheet and its Profit & Loss (P&L) statements.  The President is also the CEO, the Cabinet members are the Corporate Officers and  Congress is the Board of Directors.  Last, but certainly not least, the PEOPLE are the shareholders and the customers.  The Board of Directors makes corporate policy, and the CEO/Officers carry out said policy.  As the Board makes Corporate policy, they are also beholden to the shareholders to ensure the corporation stays on the right track and the shareholders. are getting a decent return on their investment (taxes).

Under current corporate law, the shareholders of a corporation have legal redress to the Board of Directors and Corporate Officers in the event of malfeasance.  The Board actually stands for reelection every years.  Unfortunately, the regulatory agencies responsible for ensuring Boards in the public sector are performing in an honest and forthright manner aren’t getting the job done.  Can you say AIG and Fannie Mae?  But, these are topics for another day.  Right now, we’re discussing why our Government is broken… at a high level, of course.  This can’t be solved in one afternoon.

So, why is our Government broken?  Simple… the President/CEO, Board of Directors and Corporate Officers can’t (or won’t) interpret the Federal Balance Sheet or P&L Statement.  What’s worse, the “official” Balance Sheet doesn’t even show two of the largest liabilities present in it:  Social Security and MediCare.  More on these two train wrecks another time.  For now, we need to remind ourselves that Congress (the Board) has the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to advise them on the potential cost of pending legislation.  Granted, the CBO isn’t perfect, but they’re pretty good when given accurate data to work with… and Congress ignores them!

Why am I ranting about this today, when everybody knows about the pending Health Care Disaster and other fiscal issues?  Because a simple change in the Board in November won’t change anything.  We need to change the way we, as Americans, think and elect our Board, and we need to keep reminding them that WE are the investors.  They are beholden to us.

I’m tired.  Feel free to comment as you see fit.  I’ll pick this up again tomorrow.  Again, my apologies for the Site’s disarray.  I’m working on it.

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