The State of Our Government – Part 3

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Let’s dig a little deeper, and look at those family units making less than $50,000 annually.  Wikipedia states that, in 2007, the median household income in the US was $50,233, and more than 54% of households fell at or below this income range.  73% of households earned less than $75,000 annually.  So, if you take all the households making less than $75,000, give them all sorts of free perqs (i.e., entitlements) that are paid for by the remaining 27% of the households in the U.S.,  will they ever vote the people out of office that gave them these entitlements? I don’t think so… and the Progressive Left knows this.

So, now we have massive entitlements given to a large voting block, coupled with an Administration that is excessive in its desire to govern or control many aspects of our society by its infiltration of the automobile, health, investment and banking industries.  Don’t forget that the entitlements described above are arrived at by redistributing the wealth of those at the top of the income scale in the country.  Add the recent Health Care Reform bill which was rammed down the throats of the American people, was only passed by way of the strong-arm tactics of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and you have a Government that’s clearly intent on continuing to worm its way into your daily life.

I don’t know about you, but where I come from, this is called Socialism

, and I want no part of it.  Doesn’t it strike you as odd that, now that I’m in a position where my wife and I would actually benefit from some of the changes taking place today, that I would be so strongly against what the Feds are doing?  I’ll tell you why… it’s because what the Government is doing goes against everything I stand for, and they’re doing it by shredding the Constitution.

Future installments will include more detailed discussion of Education (and how the Progressive Left are influencing what your kids learn), the current states (and future) of Social Security and Medicare, and why the Feds should not be involved in the ownership of anything.

Of course, this is just One Man’s View.  Your comment are, as always, most welcome.

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