Congressman John Fleming (R-LA): California Could Use Him

by Chuck on April 11, 2010 · 0 comments

I got a note from a friend about Representative John Fleming (R-LA), a physician representing Louisiana’s 4th District.  I visited his web site

, and am quite impressed.  He has introduced legislation requiring members of Congress to forgo their participation in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, instead pushing them into any Public Option the Leftists might push down the pike.

Click on the image below to review his resolution.  Go ahead… click on the image.  It loads fast and is only 2 pages.

govHealthCare Congressman John Fleming (R LA): California Could Use Him

He also has a poll on his web site

where you can Express Your Opinion in terms of Congress’ current exemption from their own Health Care legislation.  No matter how you feel about the legislation, I urge you all to visit his site and complete the survey in favor of his resolution.  Congress shouldn’t be exempt from the same crapola they force on us.

I wish California’s Reps. & Senators had his fortitude.

Of course, this is just One Man’s View.  Your comments are, as always, most welcome.

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