Taliban Hang 7-Year Old Boy for Spying

by Chuck on June 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Taliban fighters have hanged a seven-year-old boy, claiming he was passing information to foreign soldiers in the volatile southern province of Helmand, the governor’s spokesman, Daud Ahmadi, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

The child’s shocking murder took place in the Sarwan Qala area of Sangin district late on Tuesday. The boy, whose name was not immediately known, was abducted from the village of Heratyan, Ahmadi said.

I’m all for winning the hearts and minds of the locals.  It was proven to work in Iraq during the surge, and it will work in Afghanistan, given enough time.  However, this type of activity cannot be tolerated and it’s time to take the gloves off, take the fight to the bad guys and show the world that being a member of the Taliban carries a death sentence.  We need to hunt these animals to the ends of the earth and exterminate them like the vermin they are.

Gunny, I know you’re out there, and I hear you’re headed out into the shit.  I just want you to know that I’m behind you.  It may not be SOP, but it wouldn’t hurt to repeat what the Turks did in Vietnam to keep their bivouacs safe and quiet at night (they put VC and NVA heads on pikes around their compounds to discourage nocturnal “visitors”).

Extreme?  Perhaps.  An emotional response to an evil and vile act?  Absolutely!  However, something needs to be done, and maybe it’s time we quit being the nice guys and broke a few rules ourselves.  General McChrystal, it’s time to change the ROE and go after these scum.  If it’s a male between 18-50, not immediately identifiable as a “friendly” and carrying a weapon of any kind, kill it… no questions asked.  If nothing else, maybe we’ll affect their ability to reproduce.

Of course, this is just one man’s view, and yours may differ.  Frankly, at least in terms of this topic, I don’t give a damn.

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