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Alright… let’s move on to my social conscience.  Let’s face it, people often need help, and sometimes the Federal Government is in the best position to offer it.  When implemented, Social Security and Medicare had their respective places in our society.  They were good ideas that weren’t properly thought through.  Also, both programs have been robbed blind over the years by both political parties.  Though I’m a registered Republican, I tend to vote Independent, looking at the person and not their party affiliation.

In my lifetime thus far, I’ve seen the following:

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • The death of JFK, and that of Camelot along with him
  • The lies of LBJ and the birth (and subsequent rape) of MediCare
  • The murders of RFK and MLK
  • The paranoia of Nixon
  • The ineptitude of Carter, gas lines, runaway inflation and interest rates
  • The glory years of Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Bush Sr. and Desert Storm
  • Slick Willie… ’nuff said
  • G.W., 9/11, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Great Financial Meltdown
  • Barack Obama to date, and the almost instantaneous decline of our democracy

During all these administrations, there has been one common denominator:  The 535 people on Capitol Hill that either couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get anything done unless there was something in it for them personally.  Lobbying has turned into a full-blown multi-billion dollar industry, lining the pockets of our Representatives and Senators with campaign contributions in return for favorable legislation, and jobs for them when they decide to leave Congress.  Serving in Congress has become an exercise on getting re-elected, not looking out for the needs of the nation.  Our Representatives to the House will spend 6 months out of their 2 year terms campaigning for reelection.  That’s 25% of their time in office… and we’re paying them while they do it.

I am outraged, and you should be, too.

Even though the Feds aren’t necessarily good at operating programs themselves (i.e., Social Security and Medicare), they can be good at regulation and oversight where it’s needed.  The where, why and how of regulation and oversight will be topics for later discussion, so I won’t go into them now.  I will say that I see the new health care legislation as just another boondoggle.

In his book Outraged, Dick Morris said:

It may seem counterintuitive, but outrage is actually an optimistic reaction. It’s the opposite of cynicism. The same events and situations that kindle outrage in the optimistic create only alienation, apathy and disgust in the pessimistic. If we don’t believe things could be better, we’re not outraged by imperfection. Bad things just confirm our predictions, and once we’ve lost hope that they can ever improve, they push us further into despair and inaction.

I agree with Mr. Morris, and hope you do, too.  This nation can be fixed, but it’s we citizens that must do it at the ballot box.  Get to know your candidates.  Vote for the person and what they stand for, not their political affiliation.

So, that’s me in a nutshell.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.  Hell, I don’t expect anyone to.  But that’s part of what makes this country great.  If you feel the same way, then you’re more than welcome to participate here.

To be added to and/or amended as the mood strikes me….

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